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We are legal Indonesian manpower agency, recruitment agency,labor supplier and employment service agency PT Al Zubara Manpower Indonesia.

Indonesian Manpower agency, labour supplier, staffing, recruiting companyWe supply general labour, skill and professional worker.

our license

We receipt biodata and Job order from all over the world for hospitality,oil,gas engineer,mechanical,equipment operator,civil construction, offshore,onshore,mining,marine,port management,welder,hospital,Information technology,etc.

Our source from Jakarta,west,mid,east,java,Bali,Lombok.Medan, Ujung Pandang

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PT Al Zubara Manpower Indonesia
KEP.252/MEN / VI/2007

Head office :
Corespondence office :
Jalan Mangga 1 no 63
Pondok gede, Bekasi,
Indonesia 17413

Phone = +62 877 33 253 177
              +62 8531 999 5517

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